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Sustainable me – sustainable we 

BKDF students are taking part in an EU project on Sustainability Goal No. 12: sustainable consumption and production. If you want to change something, start with yourself. The change is you, you have your future in your hands. This is the basic idea of ​​our EU project in which we, together with students from Portugal (Povoa de Lanhoso) and Spain (Valencia), look at how one can make one’s own consumer behavior and also the use of resources at one’s own school more sustainable and future-oriented. The project started in 2020 and will end in summer 2023. How can I avoid using plastic? What is the background to fair trade production? What can we do to avoid waste in school life? Where can I find sustainable companies and organizations in my city? 

The participants quickly realized that we all have the same problems and challenges in Europe and that these can only be solved through collaboration. Our students had their first experiences in international collaboration in video conferences during the lockdown. They exchange video clips, photos and reports via the EU’s eTwinning platform. They took part in a competition, the result of which was the first joint product: the project logo. The three planned student meetings at the partner schools were postponed, but were able to take place despite the pandemic restrictions. The first meeting took place in February 2022 in Portugal, the second in May 2022 here in Cologne and the last meeting will take place in November 2022 at the coordinating school in Valencia. Each of these meetings has a different thematic focus: in Portugal it was all about sustainable agriculture and sustainable tourism. Our motto in Cologne was: Rethink, reuse, reduce and recycle. This means that above all we want to show how you can create sustainable business ideas for the future through innovative and cool ideas. And in Spain it was about the sustainable use of water. The program was designed by the local students. Two classes from our school from the Higher Commercial School with the English-speaking focus ICS (Intercultural Studies) took part. Through the project we learned a lot about sustainable consumption and consumption, initiated many small sustainable projects at our school, got to know interesting and innovative partners and companies and gained international cooperation partners and friends. We want to use the project as an initial spark to make the topic of sustainability an integral part of our school, our school life and lessons.

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